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The diplomacy of self-confidence!

At the end of June 2019, the tall ships armada arrived from Rouen for a stop at The Hague in The Netherlands, for a few days. The general public came in numbers to admire and visit these ships, both historical and magnificent. Like an aerobatic air patrol, these ships are the ambassadors of their respective nations. Thanks to their long-distance sailing history, thanks to their size and their tall masts reaching the sky, thanks to the ostentatious professionalism of their crews parading, these ships project an image of power, overseas reach and self-confidence. They must inspire faith and sympathy, but also respect. By being sure of themselves, they buy in the support of the general public.

In this little game of self-confidence and the display of its quiet strength, the United States of America is the strongest. They are used to this kind of exercise at home where their planes and boats, often military, parade year-round in front of their own fellow citizens, thus ensuring the reputation and the image of the american federal state in all provinces of the Union.

There is no need to argue about the usefulness of the Union, no need to claim figures proving economic benefits, no need to invoke threats that require protection from the Union. No, just being self-assured, sure of its fact, with technical and financial means up to the reputation to be established.

It is unfortunate that this is precisely what is missing to the European Union, which has nothing to represent and inspire confidence during public events.

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