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We are Europe ! Academy

On September 13-14 in Bruxelles, The Union of the European Federalists (UEF), the European Citizens Action Service (ECAS) and the Spinelli think tank organised in Bruxelles a "We are Europe" academy for the EU Civil society activists.

After the may 2019 elections of the European parlement, which results turned out better than what was feared at the time by the pro-europeans and federalists, certainly in terms of turnout (51% ! after its lowest level ever in 2014), the mood and messages of the panelists were definitively encouraging. (Read more about the 2019 European parlement elections (In French):éennes-2019-laffirmation-dune-nouvelle-Europe)

The challenges facing the new European Parliament and the new European Commission lead by Ursula von der Leyen, and the policy expectations of citizens and civil society were discussed.

Andrew DUFF, President of The Spinelli Group, shared the "Manifesto for the future of Europe: a shared destiny" of the think tank:

This rather technical however well though and enlightening document will soon be explained and vulgarised in this blog. Stay tuned.

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